Exhibition "From a book - to a child's heart"


Exhibition "From the book - to the heart of a child" in the Children's Literature Department (II floor) and Žaisloteka (I floor) of the Radviliškis Public Library. The exhibition presents illustrations from the books:

  • Antanas A. Jonyns "Rounding ABC";
  • "Brun" by Selemon Paltanavičius, "Leopard Leopardas";
  • "Mozart's Magical Flute" by Violeta Palčinskaitė, "Music for the Troll";
  • "Rafis - the White Eagle" by Claudia Rainville and Riccardo Geminiani;
  • Jean-Claude Mourlevat "The river flowing backwards".

The illustrations were created by the artist Lina Eitmantytė-Valužienė. We invite you to visit in 2022. November - December 10:00-18:00