Prevention of corruption

Please report abuse of office, abuse of authority or other illegal actions by employees of the Radviliškis Tourism Information Center on tel. (8 - 422) 65 493 or e-mail by mail to [email protected] .

When reporting information about a possible violation, indicate the location of the violation (act), the time of the violation (act), and available information about the violator (name, surname) as accurately as possible. Also briefly describe the nature of the violation. We guarantee anonymity. We remind you that the laws of the Republic of Lithuania prohibit defamation or falsely accusing a person of committing a crime. Criminal liability is provided for such actions.

The person responsible for creating a corruption-resistant environment is Saulius Čepaitis, director of the Radviliškis Tourism Information Center, tel. +370 640 39298 (during working hours 8.00-17.00), e-mail mail [email protected].

Rules of anti-corruption behavior of Radviliškis tourism information center employees
Radviliškis tourism information center corruption prevention 2022-2023. program and measures plan
Corruption Prevention Law

Special Investigation Service (STT) e-mail mail [email protected] .
24/7 hotline phone +370 5 266 3333.
The website of the Special Investigation Service (STT) .

Information updated: 2023-06-23