Rural tourism farmstead

Panekelpiai village homestead - suitable for festivities, business meetings, outdoor events. The homestead, located in the center of Lithuania, is located in a geographically convenient place - a similar distance from different places of Lithuania, for partners from neighboring countries, and a great intermediate stop for tourists traveling in the Baltic States.

55 sqm m. The clown hall can host events, internal seminars for groups of up to 25 people. Here you will find all the necessary equipment and computer equipment.

The homestead hosts will take care of your coffee breaks, offer food vendors for lunch and dinner.

Above the barn there are 5-10 places to stay.

On the ground floor of the clown, a minimalist style lounge with fireplace opens to the garden. The hall is easily adapted for events up to 25-30 people and larger, combining the hall with a barn terrace.

The room is equipped with a spacious kitchen with household appliances (hob, oven, dishwasher, refrigerator, kettle, microwave), crockery and cutlery. Here you will be able to prepare or prepare food.

On the first floor of the building there is a lounge (up to twelve sleeping places). Bedding and linens are provided here. The room also has washbasins and showers, toilet. For your convenience - towels, hair dryer, shower gel, hand soap.

The barn space is perfect for a cozy sitting with a small group of friends. The building has a sauna. After a swim in the dry sauna you can swim in the pond and admire the view of the confluence of two rivers from the hill.

The garden, which covers more than a hectare, will provide enough space for both your outdoor activities and the camp tent. Here you will find a volleyball court and enough space for other outdoor games - petanque, badminton, frisbee.

At the end of the garden, at the foot of the centuries-old linden alley, is a stone-fireplace. Here you will be able to dine at the campfire and enjoy your own cooked dishes. For your convenience - fire pots, tools, barbecue, spit, grill.

At the homestead we also organize an educational program to get acquainted with the homestead farmer's produce.

It is an interactive program where children press rapeseed oil, produce a pet of wheatgrass, test agricultural techniques and learn how to differentiate between crops.