Panekelpiai Village is a farmer's homestead where we invite you to a 1.5-2 hour program for:

  • get to know the farm,
  • Crops grown on Rimkus farm: rapeseed, barley, wheat, beans, peas, mustard, sugar beet and their growing processes;
  • learn to distinguish between grain types: barley from wheat, mustard from rapeseed;
  • to self-squeeze farmed rapeseed oil;
  • test agricultural machinery;
  • to make a wheatgrass pet from wheat.

After the educational program we invite:

- enjoy the homestead environment (volleyball court, large garden and centuries-old linden alley for outdoor games and activities). While the children roam in the garden, take part in the educational process, we can invite our parents to have a bath, have a swim or fish in the Pociūnėliai pond.

- have dinner and take part in the scrap yard.

We can also organize a hike and organize orienteering competitions in Pociūnėliai town park. It is equipped with a low-rope park with obstacles - a great challenge not only for children but also for their teachers and parents.

Price for 1,5 - 2 hour program - 8 Eur.

All day program (educational, outdoor games in the farmstead, lunch, orientation competitions in Pociūnėliai town park) - 15 Eur.