During the course of education we are waiting to get to know the place where a special 19th-20th century was restored. early rural atmosphere:

  • 16th century avg The museum is one of the best preserved street villages in Central Lithuania.
  • 19th century and the twentieth century. The original buildings of the village: grid, barns, pavements and other buildings, which reflect folk architecture traditions of Aukštaitija region.
  • 1884 built windmill of Kleboniškės village.
  • The museum buildings feature interior expositions, collections of pitchers, bezels, buttermilk, lychees, flax brushes, motors, scales, and planks.
  • The life, work, traditions of the villagers.

Duration: 1 hour

Place: Kleboniškės village.

Price: 14 € (for groups up to 25 people) + entrance ticket for person (schoolchildren, students, pensioners, disabled 2 €, adults - 4 €).

Pre-registration tel: 8 611 12053; (8,422,42005).