Writing is a very important and powerful human invention that you can use to communicate easily and comfortably with people you can't talk to. It’s a great tool for you to capture your thoughts. During Feather Pattern Education, we will introduce you to:

  • history of writing;
  • basic pattern types;
  • by means of writing.
  • We will introduce the goose feather pattern in more detail and invite you to try it in practice. With a goose feather, you can write a greeting or wish on a postcard of Burbiškis Manor, which will remain as a remembrance of your fun.

Runs: April 1st through October 31st.
Duration: about 45 minutes.
Location: Burbiškis Manor.
Price: € 2 (per person) + entrance ticket (per pupil, student, retired, disabled - € 2; adults - € 4).
Pre-registration by phone: (8 422) 56 110.
Head of Education - Justina Pranienė.