Orienteering is a great way to spend your time actively in nature, promoting a healthy and active lifestyle. In the orienteering game, participants must use the map (plan) to reach points on the map and in the area as quickly as possible. The game helps determine participants' ability to orient, concentrate and quickly overcome distance between points. Successfully found a point gives great emotions, the track is over - joy, the desire to try other tracks, terrain again. This is a game that anyone can play.

Burbiškis Manor and Park is a great place for a game where you will hear a brief history of the manor and then use the plan to discover these places and get to know the park itself. Good time, excitement and the joy of discovery are guaranteed.

Duration: about 1 hour
Location: Burbiškis Manor.
Price: € 2 (per person) + entrance ticket (per pupil, student, retired, disabled - € 2; adults - € 4).
Pre-registration by phone: (8 422) 56 110.
Head of Education - Justina Pranienė.