Kleboniškiai Rural Household Museum has been established in the valley of the Daugyvenė River, in a former village site and occupies the area of 18 ha. Its expositions contains buildings characteristic of the 19 th century and the vicinities. These are cottages, granaries, baths, threshing floors, and barns. The surviving homesteads are neighboured by the restored ones. To revive the old countryside, 11 buildings have been moved from other locations. There is a total of 28 buildings in the village, 18 of which belong to the museum. The village has a windmill built in 1884. The old trees of the former village site and the thatched roofs of the buildings add authenticity to the museum; while its inhabitants, reality. The village hosts exhibitions, educational programs, evening parties, attracts by its threshing floor theatre performances, folk music and crafts, and Shrovetide celebrations.

Kleboniškės village household exposition ticket price for adults - 4.00 Eur per person; ticket price for pupils, students, pensioners, the disabled - 2.00 Eur

Guided tours cost one hour - 14.00 Eur - in Lithuanian; 20.00 Eur - foreign language (Russian, English)

Excursion in Kleboniškės village and Burbiškis manor 2.30 hours - 30.00 Eur

Excursion in Kleboniškės village, Burbiškis manor and Raginėnai archeological monuments complex 5 hours - 50.00 Eur

Educational program in Kleboniškės Rural Household Museum group of 10–20 persons 40.00–80.00 Eur
+ entrance ticket.