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Every year Radviliskis City Cultural Center and Radviliškis District Municipality Administration organized the bicycle tours organized around Radviliškis region in order to solemnly commemorate the State (Coronation of King Mindaugas of Lithuania) day.

Visiting 10 mansions in Radviliškis district on July 6 promotes active participation of people of all ages, values and responsibility for knowledge of heritage, its preservation, patriotism and nationality. When stopping at the mansion homesteads, organizing a literary-musical composition, discussion, and quiz, it is intended to draw the attention of the public to the problem of the decline of estates and, as far as possible, to pause this heritage.

Radviliškis City Cultural Center-Radviloniai-Amalija-Maldžiūnai-Burbiškis-Raudondvaris-Pakirštis-Baisogala-Grinkiškis-Diktariškiai-Šiaulėnai-Radviliškis City Cultural Center.

Suggested objects to visit:

  • Former Radvilonys Manor House
  • Former Manor House of Amalia
  • Maldžiūnai former manor house
  • Former manor homestead in Burbiškis
  • Raudondvaris former manor house
  • Upper former manor house
  • Former manor house in Baisogala
  • Grinkiškis former manor house
  • Former manor house in Diktariškės
  • Former manor house in Šiauliai


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