Rural tourism farmstead

We invite you to celebrate festivities or organize business meetings and conferences, combining with relaxation in the rural tourism homestead “Jonaitiškių dvaras”, located in Radviliškis district, Jonaitiškės village.

The environment of Jonaitiškės Manor is adapted for occasion and cultural events, where you will be able to touch the spirit, culture and lifestyle of the ancient times in harmony with contemporary aesthetics. The advantage of a farmstead is that different buildings of the mansion of different sizes can conveniently host large events such as weddings, conferences, corporate parties, or smaller events such as anniversaries, birthdays or cozy company meetings.

This is a great place for those who want to spend time in nature without compromising on the highest level of amenities.

The homestead has 5 different sized buildings with banquet or conference rooms on the ground floor and bedrooms on the first floor.


1. Building Manor. Events up to 120 years old.

205 sq.m. a hall and 13 rooms for up to 54 guests.

2. Building the Barn. Events up to 45sveciu.

72 sq.m. a hall and 3 rooms for up to 28 guests.

3. The Cleveland Building. Events for up to 25 guests.

45 sq.m. a hall and 4 rooms for up to 14 guests.

4. Building Seklycia. Events for up to 15 guests.

25 sq.m. a hall and 3 rooms for up to 11 guests.

5. Building Buys. Events for up to 11 guests.

15 sq.m. hall and 3 rooms for up to 11 guests.

The homestead can accommodate up to 118 guests. There are 74 single and double beds in a total of 26 rooms.


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