The design of the Linkaičiai factory, called the weapons workshop, began in 1935. Construction of the workshop began in 1936. By the decision of the leadership of the Lithuanian Armed Forces near Linkaičiai railway station, in Karčiamos village. 96 separate buildings were built. The initiator of the construction is General Motiejus Pečiulionis, the Chief of Armaments Management of the Lithuanian Armed Forces. The author of the project is the architect Bronius Elsberg. The workshop opened in 1937. The Linkaičiai artillery workshop was one of the most modern armaments companies in Europe. The workshop produced ammunition and weapons for the Lithuanian army. Four districts of different regimes were installed in the company's territory. To solve social issues, a canteen, an outpatient clinic and a shop were built. Designed for 200 individual houses to accommodate workers. The activity of Linkaičiai was interrupted by the Bolshevik occupation - in 1940. work stopped. When the war broke out, retreating Soviet military units blew up part of the workshop buildings. After occupying Linkaičius, the Germans took part of the machines to Minsk and Riga, and moved some to Kaunas weapons workshops. After the war, the whole territory belonged to the Soviet army. Currently, part of the premises has been privatized.