A unigue space modelling museum located in Radviliškis Vaižgantas gymnasium. Rocket models of various classes and characteristics of Radviliškis Space Modeling Club modeling students and club leader, physics teacher expert, honoured space modeling coach of the Republic of Lithuania Viktoras Karmonas are exhibited there.

The students of space modelling club of Radviliškis were involved in many space modelling championships of Europe and Lithuania, in wich they became champions of younger groups (100 times) and adults groups (40 times).

In the World and Europe championships they have got 17 sets of medals, 8 sets of medals in Soviet Union championships, and 11 medals in the World Cup stages.

The world youth medals, the medals of Sovien Union championships, cups from different countries, and diplomas for modelers are exhibited there.

In the museum you will learn about the subtleties of modeling rockets, also you will see carefully and accurately made copies of the real rocket models, which have been presented many times in republican and district exhibitions.

The museum you can visit on Friday – Saturday, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. or agree about the visit.