This exceptionally hilly area and village, named after the Mountains, emerges alongside the once shallow lakes. Here is a mound, called Šiauliai mountain. The surrounding villages of Pašiaulis, Šiauliai and the town of Šiauliai testify to the former center of these neighborhoods. Legend mentions a sandy city near the mound ...

Suggested objects to visit:

  • Šiauliai Museum
  • Church of Šiauliai
  • Šemeta Chapel-mausoleum
  • Manor of Šiauliai
  • Diktariškės Manor House
  • Šiauliai observation tower
  • Hill of Šiauliai (Kudinai mound)
  • Lake Paežeri
  • Pine forest of Viliusiai
  • Bubble Pond
  • Rural tourism homestead
  • Pine with a chapel
  • Boulder stone with holes
  • The Quarry of the Joiner
  • The village of Stalmokas


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