In these times of e-mail and supermarkets, we don’t even think about the importance of the mail and merchant routes, the so-called tracks, a few hundred years ago. Horse-drawn carriages carrying mail and merchants' goods were roaring in those stone-paved tracks. Such roads connected European cities. One such post and merchant road stretched through Radviliškis district. The road went from Warsaw, through Kaunas, Kėdainiai, Baisogala, Šeduva, Raginėnai to Riga. Baisogala post office has been mentioned in written sources since 1770. Šeduva post office
mentioned in written sources since 1779. Historical sources also talk about Raginėnai post office
station, but no specific dates are mentioned. The old post offices were important not only in helping to reach the farthest corners of Europe and sending parcels, but also in the fact that most post offices also had entrance houses where traveling merchants and postmen could rest overnight and exchange tired horses on their journeys.

Along the way, you will be able to get acquainted with archeology, mythology, traditional crafts and culinary heritage in Radviliškis region. It also has mansions, churches, an ethnographic village and rural communities.

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