• Take a selfie by the Christmas trees located in the towns of Radviliškis district. Christmas trees will be decorated from:

December 1  in Radviliškis
December 2  in Skėmiai and Pociūnėliai
December 5  Acokavai and Šaukotas
December 8  Šiaulėnai and Pakiršinys
December 9  Baisogala and Šeduva
December 10  Aukštelkai and Kalnelios Gražionis
December 14  in Grinkiškis
December 16  Karčemos and Šniūraičiai
December 17  Pašušvys
December 18  Tyruliai and Daugelaičiai
December 20  Vaitiekūnai

  • Take a photo next to at least 10 chosen Christmas trees.
  • Visit the most Christmas trees and be chosen as the winner.
  • Send your selfie, but not a photo of a single tree.
  • Send photos, your name and phone number by e-mail: [email protected]

GAME DURATION. From 2022 December 1 until 2022 December 26.

WINNER DETERMINATION AND ANNOUNCEMENT. The player who sent the most photos wins. If the number of photos sent by the participants matches, the winner of the contest will be chosen by lottery.
The winner will be announced in 2022 December 30 on the Facebook account of the Radviliškis tourism information center and on the website of the Radviliškis district municipality

PRIZE CLAIM. We will present the award in 2022 December 30 12 o'clock During the New Year's afternoon in Radviliškis's Aušra Square. If the winner is unable to come to collect the prize at the specified time, we will contact them to discuss the possibility of collecting the prize at another time.

DATA PROTECTION. Personal data collected during the game is used only to identify and contact the winner.