Wool Felting Tutorial: Felting Elementary for Groups.
This is a very fun activity for both children and adults.

During the lesson we will introduce you to the types of wool, how and why it wears, and explain many of the terms and facts a beginner needs to know:

  • Are all fibers wasted?
  • Sheep breeds and their wool characteristics.
  • Felting techniques and in which cases is used.
  • Felting aids and tools.

After learning the basic things every believer needs to know, we'll move on to practice.

Training in felting needles (adults only).

Beading, beading, or wet soap wrapping.

Adding colors.

You will be able to use the beads that you dragged during the session to make jewelry.

Duration: about 1 hour
Location: Burbiškis Manor.
Price: schoolchildren, students, pensioners, the disabled - 2 € per person + entrance ticket;
adults - 4 € per person + entrance ticket.
Pre-registration: 8 612 82754.


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